Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Pops And Scratches Podcast 2

Here is the second of the podcasts.
The last one was a bit of a work in progress and listen back to it I could tell what I needed to do to iron out the creases so I hope that you all are patient and hopefully this weeks will be a step up in quality.
I got a lovely message from someone asking me to keep it eclectic and that was what my intention was in the first place.
The mainstream is covered and that is what the radio does but myself I what to play album tracks B-Sides and other little know songs.
Anyway this weeks artist is Kula Shaker, a band who pull a lot of influence from the late sixties with a heavy use of Indian instruments.
The first song is the hidden track off the Kollected Best of album
, this is a 1 minute and 50 seconds hidden song at the end of Govinda.
The iTunes Music Store states that this clip is named Strangefolk, which was the original title of their second album before Kula Shaker changed it to Peasants, Pigs and Astronauts. Five years after the release of Kollected, Kula Shaker would go on to name their third album Strangefolk.
Included on this album is a track titled Strangefolk, but the clip from Kollected is nowhere to be found.
I'm So Glad - Cream
Is a song originally recorded by Skip James in the early 1930s. It was then covered by Cream on their first album, Fresh Cream, then later put on there last studio album Goodbye as a live performance.
Rules of Life - Starclub
Taken from the Hard to Get single. Alan White of Oasis fame once played drums for this band, there is little know information about Starclub, but I would recommend their only album, which was self titled Starclub.
Within You - Ray La Montagne
Within You is the last song on Ray's second album
Till the Sun Turns Black. With a horn section and strings it makes this a sublime composition. With under ten words
House Of The Rising Sun - Shawn Mullins
This is taken off the 9th Ward Pickin' Parlor, album witch is the Seventh studio album from Atlanta-born singer songwriter Shawn Mullins. On this record, Mullins delivers a collection of songs that range in genre, from folk to rock, through blues and gospel.
Troubled Mind - Kula Shaker
This is from the single Hey Dude, which was released in 1996. This single also appears on the debut album K.
Love In A Trashcan - The Raveonettes
This was the bands 5th single and was taken of the pop fueled Pretty In Black their third album. This sees the duo continue with their fuzzed-out mix of new wave and sixties sounding pop.

Lady Luck -
The Stereophonics
Lady Luck is taken off the bands brand new album Pull the Pin and if you were disappointed by the last album they released I do not think you will be by this. I return to form with lots of load guitars, nice.
A Reveiw from Amazon:
"A fine album from the valleys boys. I dare you not to love this album. Rocking Guitars in the opening track give way to a few mellow songs(Daisy lane, bright red star)and finishes with the classy "Drowning". Kelly jones and the boys rock!!!!! "
One Way Road - Oasis
Who Feels Love? single hides this little gem of a song and Paul Weller recorded a version of One Way Road for his covers-album Studio 150, which I have not heard, so I will dig this out.
She - The Real People
One of my favorate songs from one of my favourate bands. I just love the way that I think this has stood the test of time. Taken from the Truth single and is a very differant version to the one on their debut self titled album The Real People.
Dance In Your Shadow - Kula Shaker
Taken off the Tattva single this is why they have been a firm favorate with myself because when you buy a single you buy some more fantastic songs.
Carbon Dating - Super Furry Animals
"Recorded in both France and Wales the album follows the story of the character 'Venus' andher journey from the country to the city. Featuring a full string orchestra and the band's trademark quirky instrumentation, 'Hey Venus' sees the Super Furries back to their psychedelic best with a record full of instantly catchy melodies, Beach Boys style close harmoniesand weird and wonderful musical touches."
Mass - Tulsa
The more I listen to this album the more I like it I Was Submerged is the name and I found this at Ear Bleeding Country.
Lets Go Get Stoned - Joe Cocker
I saw this review of the album in which this comes off Mad Dogs and Englishmen and thought that it summed up the whole album to a tee:
"Famous contractual obligation story notwithstanding, this shows what musicians can do under pressure. With Leon Russell's excellent orchestration (and some good songs too) the "crew" bang out one of the best live gigs on record - EVER.
Cocker's voice is superb of course and the whole thing is just nicely the wrong side of polished."

Temple of Everlasting Light -
Kula Shaker
Taken off the debut album K, just a beautiful composition.
Braj Mandala - Kula Shaker
This was taken off a charity album made with the School of Braja (a private school in
California for young people which includes as part of the curriculum
teachings about Krishna and devotional music) Kula shaker having reformed after their first split in 1999.
I'm Still Here - Kula Shaker
Taken off the 2nd album Peasants Pigs and Astronauts.

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Monday, 5 November 2007

Pops and Scratches Podcast 1

Thank you for popping in and I hope that you like the podcast. Click on the title link above to download. Please bare with me as I develop this idea, thank you for downloading and for your patience.
Ever since I could use a tape recorder back in the 80s I have been making mix tapes and I suppose that this is just a natural progression. I have gave up with posting albums and singles on the site as they just seem to get deleted or I get E-Mails asking for them to be removed so no more.
Thanks to
Mark Vidler at the Trypshop, I have been spurred on to do a podcast.
Week by week I will be doing around about an hours worth of music and there will be themes of sorts and featured artists, this is something that I toyed with doing around about a year ago but was too afraid to do it.
This week I thought I might as well get it over with and firstly do
The Beatles as the featured band. I was spoon fed The Fab Four by my parents who were big fans, I remember the Red album, 1962 – 1966, being played and me and my Mam painfully singing along.
Anyway here goes and I hope that you enjoy my mixture of songs and styles. I hope that I can bring some new music into your life.

The Beatles intro Pops and Scratches
This is a montage of just sounds and speech from various songs you may recognise some you may not.
Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite - I Want You (She is so Heavy) - Helter Skelter -
The Beatles
Taken from the
Love album this to me is the most outstanding song on this newly mix album. Used for the Cirque du Soleil this album is basically a collection of mash ups of Beatles songs. There were 130 songs used for this album all mixed up.
I Will Journey Home -
The Stands
This band comes from Liverpool and I first heard them through my Dad because he had bought their first album. This comes from the second album "Horse Fabulous" which I recently bought after hearing the Noel Gallagher play Blue Seed - Can't Be Satisfied on his Radio One DJ set.
This has a bit of a country vibe going.

Be My Baby - Tim Burgess
Tim from
The Charlatans went over the pond and came back with an album "I Believe" full of country style songs, this being one of the stand out tracks.
39 -
The first time I heard this was earlier this year. Taken of the great album
A Night at the Opera, it is a tale of a group of space explorers who embark on what is, from their perspective, a year-long voyage.
Meet Me On The Corner –
I am a Geordie lad and so are these. I could have put their anthem
Fog on the Tyne but I do not like it and anyway this goes better with the last song.
Lazy B -
The High Fidelity
This is the B-Side of the single Luv Dup. I bought the single when it was released about 10 years ago and I do not think I have ever listened to the B-Side. I liked what I heard so thought I would share it with you.
Light That Burns Twice as Bright –
Taken off their second album
Stigma, this shows the dark side of the band and was heavily played in my house when it was first released.
Karma In The Life - GHP
Back to The Beatles through a great mash up from Mark Vidler aka Go Home Productions. The track consists of Radiohead’s Karma Police instrumental and of course The Beatles A Day In The Life vocals. If you have never heard this before you are in for a treat.
Kryptonite -
Magne Furuholmen
Magne is the keyboard player of A-Ha and his album Past Perfect Future Tense was released in 2004, with appearances from Guy Berryman and Will Champion of Coldplay, and from Andy Dunlop of Travis .
Spies –
When I first heard the
Parachutes album I was blown away by its atmosphericness. If you have not listened to it this past year dust it off and give it a go. I think it still has that air about it.
Beauty Of Uncertainty -
KT Tunstall
I have been a big fan of KT’s before she was known, I used to visit her website and download her songs that she had just recorded for free. This is from her new album Drastic Fantastic and is one of those songs that I wish went on a little longer than it does.
Let's Start A Band -
Amy MacDonald
My Dad again sat me down in front of his computer and told me to listen to this song because it was his favourite from Amy’s debut album, This is the Life. Shit hot I thought so this is for him.
Dandelion - The Rolling Stones
The Beatles
famously did the backing vocals to this B-Side track. Found on the other side of We Love You
Birdhouse In Your Soul - They Might Be Giants
Yes this is a single but I think it needs to be heard more. I only recently heard it on the radio last week and I thought how good it sounded and how it still sounds so fresh.
Love Is Best -
World Party
One of my favourite artists from the 90’s and there will be a lot more of him to come. This was taken off the great Egyptology album, a classic that has been over looked.
Flying -
The Beatles
One of the few instrumentals that they released but to be honest they were not The Shadows now were they.
The End -
The Beatles
The Anthology albums managed to bring up some fantastic mixes of old track and I loved the various guitars sounds that John George and Paul produce on this and of course the drum solo by Ringo.
Can You Take Me Back -
The Beatles
Really this is just the end segment of Cry Baby Cry, which is McCartney playing guitar and singing.

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